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AudioTX WebStream is a brand new kind of solution for web streaming of your radio station audio. In the past, if you needed to stream, you were reliant on generic PCs or servers running Windows or Linux - with all of the headaches that come with managing these. Now AudioTX WebStream offers a reliable hardware solution - for both encoding your audio, and also for the streaming server. A reliable, high quality solution capable of servicing audio streams for the largest radio stations with ease.

W H A T ?
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Need a reliable, high quality web streaming solution for your audio - with total resilience, that's easy to manage and monitor... and that you trust to get on with it 24/7/365?

AudioTX WebStream is the answer - a hardware appliance that can encode web audio AND act as the streaming server.

AudioTX Webstream has been designed for professional broadcast use, encoding your audio with Professional Grade MPEG4 AAC, HE-AAC and MP3 encoders from 14kbps right up to 320kbps -  true broadcast quality audio encoding and audio quality that'll leave your online audience speechless!

Web streaming your radio station just got a whole lot easier... AudioTX WebStream delivers a solution that is simple and intuitive to setup and manage... designed for broadcast engineers and radio station use.


Reliable, simple and flexible...

  • In most situations, the web audio encoder and streaming server will be in different locations - with one AudioTX WebStream doing the encoding (normally at the studio), and another unit carrying out the role of the streaming encoder.
  • For smaller setups, in-house streaming, or other applications where you plan to stream directly from a location where the audio is available, you can do both in the same unit - and still serve just as many streams!
  • Professional, transmission grade audio quality - MPEG4 AAC, HE-AAC and MP3 audio coding - and you can generate multiple streams at different bitrates.
  • Able to serve up to 25,000 streams per unit (WebStream 3U) or 5,000 streams per unit (1U). And you can of course use multiple units as the streaming where your needs are even larger than this!
  • Compatible with Shoutcast/Icecast solutions... you can encode and send streams to a Shoutcast/Icecast server, use an Icecast/Shoutcast capable source to encode your streams, and even rebroadcast streams from another server.

T h r e e  s i z e s  f i t  a l l

  • AudioTX WebStream 1U is a simple stereo unit, capable of encoding your audio into up to 6 different bitrates/audio coding types. And, when used as the streaming server can serve audio to up to 5,000 listeners.
  • AudioTX WebStream 3U-8 has 4 stereo (8 mono) inputs and can encode and/or serve up to 12 separate streams in total from any of these. When used as the streaming server it serves a total of up to 25,000 listeners.
  • AudioTX WebStream 3U-16 has 8 stereo (16 mono) inputs and encodes and/or serves up to 20 separate streams in total from any of these. As a streaming server it serves a total of up to 25,000 listeners.
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AudioTX WebStream 1U
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