Internet streaming audio encoder hardware, aac he-aac aacplus aac+ mp3 server standalone reliable 1u 1ru 3u 3ru

highest quality audio encoding for professional radio and tv networks


Audio Encoder and Internet Streaming Server Appliance for Professional Broadcast use

professional quality audio encoder for internet streaming and server hardware device - AudioTX WebStream

The highest quality, most reliable solution for audio encoding and audio web streaming your radio station -  the AudioTX WebStream range

Internet Streaming with the same professional quality and reliability as your main on-air signal

Whatever your audio web streaming needs, there's a product in the AudioTX WebStream range for you.

From the simple AudioTX WebStream 1U for a single stereo stream... right up to the WebStream 3U-16 for up to 8 stereo (or 16 mono streams).

AudioTX WebStream products offer Professional Grade MPEG4 AAC, HE-AAC and MP3 encoding from 14kbps right up to 320kbps -  for true broadcast quality audio encoding and an unprecedented audio quality for your online audience. No more cheap PC based encoders that spoil your highly prized station sound.

It's an audio encoder AND a streaming server. You can separate your encoding and streaming units if you wish - in most cases having the encoding unit at the studio, and the streaming unit at an ISP location. Or you can use the same unit to both encode and stream the audio.

Your listeners can use the full range of players to listen to your streams - including WinAmp, Windows Media Player, VLC and most streaming media players and clients. You can add fixed, or dynamic metadata (the scrolling text that your listeners see) to the audio stream.

And, best of all, there's virtually no specialist knowledge needed - AudioTX WebStream is designed as a broadcast appliance, simple for radio station engineers to install, configure and monitor.

A solution that is both simple, and as flexible as you need it to be...

AudioTX WebStream can act as the audio web streaming encoder, offering professional grade MPEG4 AAC, HE-AAC and MP3 audio coding - generating multiple streams at different bitrates.

Or can act as a streaming server, serving up to 25,000 streams per unit.

Or can do both in the same appliance  that's encoding and streaming in the same unit.

And it's compatible with Shoutcast... so you can send encoded streams to a Shoutcast/Icecast server, rebroadcast streams from another server, receive encoded streams from a Shoutcast/Icecast capable encoder.

AudioTX WebStream 1U for a stereo web encode/web streaming server solution.

high quality audio encoding, internet streaming for broadcast radio and tv channels - AudioTX WebStream

AudioTX WebStream 3U for up to 8 stereo (or 16 mono) web encode/web streaming server solution in a single unit.

streaming audio encoding hardware streaming server - AudioTX WebStream





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